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We are Kristin & Jean Nolan, life lovers, parents, inspirators, free spirits, creators and teachers and it’s our purpose to inspire you to find your true power."
As a life coach and therapist Kristin has been helping clients overcome challenges and live their best lives for many years. From athletes to doctors, moms and CEO’s - everybody has the same basic desires - to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life filled with love and joy. 
As a songwriter, artist and inspirational speaker Jean finds his purpose in inspiring others to live theirs.
"Together - as a couple and parents of three wonderful human beings - we have been expanding and creating our own ways of teaching and passing on knowledge, as well as channeling the creative energy to help you transform your life. Our story is filled with love, adventure and the unconditional desire to always learn, grow and expand and never shy away from the contrast that assists us in doing that. 
We want to EMPOWER YOU to connect to source, God, The Universe - whatever you want to call it - and hear your own guidance system and have the confidence and the tools to live the life of your dreams.
Empower Yourself. Discover Your Purpose. Experience Practical Spirituality"

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