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Good Morning! The Prairie Dawn Lights the Path.
Sunday, Dies Solis, Sun Day

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May 27, 2023
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Running Right At Them | The Judge | Part 3(1)
This is a true story...

This is the third part of a series of true stories called 'Running Right At Them'
Read part 1 here

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Contemplating recent events it became clear to me - we ARE running right at them. ‘They’ often don’t know that they belong to ‘them’ and on this quest for truth, freedom and sovereignty we were willing to talk to many different people within the system. Was it for us or them? Well, we had all lost knowledge, history, context and inner-standing.

I remember a turning point in this quest and there were many, but this one gave us more clarity.
A while ago Kristin and I had met Joe, who “coincidentally” was on a very similar journey and because we connected on so many levels, we soon decided to work together in our quest to bring truth and freedom back to mankind.

Joe called him self the ‘Freeman’ and had spend a lot of time researching the origins of law, the legal system, the fiat money pyramid scam and really anything else between heaven and earth. He had decided to leave the system and live as a freeman without bondage or immoral legal obligations to the state or anyone else.
Joe, like us, had a deep desire to go all the way and so a lot of our conversations revolved around the question on how the people within the system could be educated on what they are truly serving without knowing it - their own enslavement.

We had all realized that the world as we knew it was an illusion, a matrix that was created for one thing and one thing only - total control of the population. The only way to exit the matrix was knowledge. Knowledge that had been hidden, stolen, lost and kept from the population at large.

We focused a lot on the question - where does Man enter the legal system with all of its forms, rules and regulations? How can a living being be simply inserted into a preexisting system without having the choice? Wasn’t that the very definition of ownership and slavery?

All our research and contemplation had led us to the clear inner-standing that Man enters the system by having a birth certificate created in his or her name after being born.
Truthfully the birth certificate does not certify the birth of a living being, but the birth of a legal fiction with the same name, albeit spelled in all capital letters.
The birth certificate serves as the adapter between the living being and the commercial legal system. Yes, in this world every legal system is based on commerce, not common law.
Any document with ‘your name’ on it, is evidence of the legal fiction created in ‘your name’. 

It’s not you that is represented on that document, but when you identify as that legal fiction, you put life into it and become responsible for it and all the obligations that come with it. A living being can never be taxed or forced to participate in immoral or harmful behavior just because someone made up rules and regulations and wrote them on a piece of paper.

This was a very fascinating subject that all of us had been studying for quite some time. It is as much logical comprehension as it is spiritual realization. We are all created by a Prime Creator whom many call God and are endowed with natural or given rights which no Man can ever take away from you. If anyone violates your natural given rights, they commit the only crime known to Man - doing harm. As such there is a prime law bestowed upon Man and that prime law is - do no harm. Where there is no victim and no harm has been done, there is no crime.

We decided that it was time to put this knowledge and inner-standing to the test. We wanted to see who else knew about these things. Clearly judges, attorneys and other people within the legal system must know that it was all an elaborate scam.

Joe had made an appointment with a district judge, a man with a lot of experience, and invited us to join him.

We were all excited about the possibility of sharing our own findings with a ‘man of the law’ and see if he could answer some of our questions. When Kristin and I arrived in the parking lot the day of the meeting, Joe was already waiting. We exchanged hugs and before we could make our way in, Kristin looked at both our bare feet.
“Boys, I know it’s hot and you don’t like wearing shoes all that much but you won’t get a warm welcome in there if you show up like this.”
We both laughed and agreed. As I was putting on my boots, I realized that the fault lines within our crazy society are so plentiful. If you don’t look a certain way, dress a certain way, behave a certain way, you are automatically an outcast and treated differently. What a concept.

As we walked in and introduced ourselves to the judge’s secretary she was clearly quite surprised at our appearance. But I don’t think it was our outer appearance, it was the sort of excitement and inner light that usually never enters the hallways of a courthouse. The judge came out of his chambers and greeted us in a very casual and cordial way.

Rather than meeting in a stuffy room, the judge suggested we could sit in the little park behind the courthouse. We found a nice spot in the shade underneath a beautiful old weeping willow and we all sat down on the grass and took off our shoes. It felt like we had immediately removed some of the fault lines.

The judge looked at all of us for a few seconds and then said, “this is really quite unusual. You all are not in any legal trouble and you are also not looking for a job. What exactly is it that I can do for you?”

We all laughed and Joe said, “do you mind if I smoke?”
The judge had no objections and Joe pulled out a little pouch and started rolling a joint.
Both the possession and the consumption of weed were illegal, but Joe was making a point and one that had deep significance in the context of the conversation we were about to have.

Kristin and I looked at the judge and tried to read his face as he was beginning to realize what Joe was doing. Was this whole meeting going to be over before it had even begun?
After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Joe lit up his joint and the smell of burning weed filled the afternoon air.

Joe stretched out his hand offering the joint to the judge and after another moment of silence the judge said…TO BE CONTINUED

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Things Don't Change - People Do!

The 2004 Presidential Election was a very close one. George W. Bush ran for reelection against his 'opponent', Democrat John Forbes Kerry.

Even though it was such a tight race, John Kerry conceded very quickly and congratulated George Bush, a fellow member of the Yale University Secret Society 'Skull & Bones', on his victory. 

When asked by a confidant on the night of the election why he had conceded so quickly, Kerry supposedly said that he was just on the phone with one of his attorneys who reported that in a certain county tabulators had been putting out ballots for Bush for the past 45 minutes straight without a single vote for Kerry.

John Kerry knew the election was being rigged for Bush. Was he happy about it? Probably not, but he knew that the powers that be had decided on Bush and had something else in mind for him. He knew because it had always been that way. JFK didn't get elected by the will of the majority, but with the help of the Italian mob and Jimmy Hoffa's power over the unions.

This election fraud system was never a big problem, because we had a one-party system disguised as Democrats & Republicans. They were controlled by the same hands and marching in the same direction. Yes, they looked and sounded somewhat different and they kept people fighting amongst each other by making emotionally charged subjects the centerpiece of their campaign rhetoric. But they were still the same.

While the people were protesting and fighting each other over those subjects they jointly progressed their their New World Order agenda. 

When candidates sometimes gently suggested that perhaps there could be errors or glitches in the voting systems, they were immediately roped in by their overlords and then went with the party line, "I would like to congratulate my opponent. The American people have decided and I will do everything in my power to work with the President-elect for the American people...bla bla bla."

The system was always rigged and riggable. But it wasn't until Donald Trump arrived on the scene that this started to become very obvious. 

Like him or hate him, he has inspired the greatest movement of truth seekers in this Nation's history. The 2020 election marked a turning point. The fact that high level election & voter fraud not only exists, but has been subtly woven into the fabric of American politics has gone mainstream.

The mountain of election & voter fraud evidence gathered during and after the 2020 election is so shocking and so overwhelming that even the biggest Trump haters come to the same conclusion if they choose to review it - America's election system is fundamentally broken and needs a complete overhaul, a new beginning. 

The 2020 election should have been decertified. It should have been repeated. It should have been officially audited - all of it in all states. It should have been done publicly and with 24/7 live coverage. People in high positions should have been arrested. 

Diplomatic actions should have been taken against foreign co-conspirators. A lot should have been done and a quite lot actually was done. But it was done by a small group compared to the large group of all voters. It was done by a few dedicated people, not by the masses.

It wasn’t done by the people. Remember “of the people, by the people, for the people”. The truth is that the stolen election of 2020 wasn’t enough to truly awaken the American lion, the heart of this Nation - the people. 2022 had to happen.

People are still on the sidelines pointing fingers, hoping that someone else will do it. Trump should fix it, the military should fix it, the Republicans should fix it. And on and on the story goes.

Things don’t change - people do. And if the people want an honest and fair election and the ability to trust the outcome they will have to become honest and fair themselves, first. They will have to expect as much of themselves or more as they do of others. They will have to reclaim their rightful place as the Sovereign and fix it themselves.

All of what is unfolding in front of your eyes right now is just there so you and millions of others can come to that conclusion. And the conclusion is not to leave, withdraw or become apathetic. The solution is to get fired up, get involved and do the work that’s needed. On all levels.

When a shocking and disheartening truth becomes blatantly obvious it is our duty to acknowledge the facts and begin changing it. If an election is fraudulent, stolen or manipulated, the people have to make sure it’s rectified and the perpetrators are brought to justice. Life has to come to a halt until it’s done. And that’s the commitment that is needed. It’s not Trump, it’s not the military, it’s the people, because things don’t change - people do!

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It Will Happen To Everyone
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